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Patrick Cary
1623/4 - 1657

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For God's sake marcke that Fly:

For God's sake marcke that Fly:
See what a poore, weake, little Thing itt is.
When Thou hast marck'd, and scorn'd itt; know that This,
This little, poore, weake Fly
Has killed a Pope; can make an Emp'rour dye.

Behold yon Sparcke of Fire:
How little hott! how neare to nothing 'tis!
When thou has donne despising, know that this,
This contemn'd Sparcke of Fire
Has burn't whole Townes; can burne a World entire.

That crowling Worme there see:
Ponder how ugly, filthy, vild Itt is.
When Thou hast seene and loath'd itt, know that This
This base Worme Thou doest see,
Has quite devour'd thy Parents; shall eate Thee.

Honour, the World, and Man,
What Trifles are they! Since most true itt is
That this poore Fly, this little Sprkle, this
Soe much abhorr'd Worme, can
Honour destroy; burne Worlds; devoure up Man.

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